Noodler's Liberty's Elysium ink

LiB Stylo-plumes

I'm loved this colour since the moment I watched the video on Goulet Pens site. It's the kind of blue I was looking for, a beautiful, vibrant, saturated true blue. I ordered a bottle the first day, and I'm really happy with the product.

Yes, I'm aware of the polemics about its waterproofness and bulletproofness. I wouldn't call this ink waterproof, personally, because some soaking can make the text difficult to read, but it's an ink that remains on paper even after extended immersion in water, so I can understand the logic behind the waterproof denomination it has been given. Anyways, if I want truly waterproofness, I have my Noodler's Polar Black or my Pharmacist's Iron Gall Ink. My Noodler"s LE is simply a very beautiful ink for me, at a very reasonable price.

Ink review - Noodler's Liberty's Elysium

The waterproofness was interesting. Lots of dye begins to flow as soon as a drop of water touches it, making if difficult to read. But no matter of much water, there is always enough ink on the paper to be able to read the text. In fact, it can be read better after an extended immersion (like the doodling and text in bottom right of the page) than after only some drops of water (like some words at the middle-right of the page, that were splashed with water during the immersion test.

Anyways, I can only say that I love this ink :)

As usual, I've posted a copy of this review on Fountain Pen Network.

Water resistance test : Noodler's Polar Black ink

Reading this thread on FPN about Noodler's Black ink, I wanted to make a similar test with my current favorite ink (with Pharmacist's Iron Gall Blue-Black), Noodler's Polar Black.

So I decided to try a similar water resistance test. Similar but not the same, because for example I have no newspaper near me today :)

I've used 4 kinds of paper : Rhodia Dot Pad, unnamed office copy paper, PostIt note and a page of glossy magazine paper.

Here you have the samples after writing :

Water test : Noodler's Polar Black 1/3

Here the four samples after being submerged in water for 10 minutes :

Water test : Noodler's Polar Black 2/3

And here after some torture...

Water test : Noodler's Polar Black 3/3

The ink is wonderful in all samples besides the glossy paper. Why doesn't it perform great on it? If I understand right, it's because it bulletproofness comes from bonding with cellulose in paper, and in glossy paper there is a layer impermeable between the ink and the cellulose, bonding is way limited.

I really love this ink, my ink of choice (with Pharmacist's Iron Gall Ink) for everyday use!

I've posted this review on the same thread in FPN.