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Pharmacist's Oriens-Occidens iron gall ink

As you maybe know, I'm a fan of Pharmacist's Iron Gall ink, so when I saw he was experimenting with non blue-black i-g ink, I was hooked. The wait seemed long, but two weeks ago Pharmacist announced that tha ink was ready, and last week I received a parcel from Belgium.

Inside, three bottles of ink : Terra Incinerata (green -> dark green), this Oriens-Occidens (orange -> brown) and the standard Document ink (blue -> blue-black).

I love Terra Incinerata, but an orange-brown i-g ink was too tempting not to try it, so I inked my home-ground Waterman Kultur with Oriens-Occidens to test it first. And here you have the review :

Ink review - Pharmacist's Oriens-Occidens iron gall ink

Water resistance : it's an iron gall ink, so it resist water! The bottom of the review has been submerged in water for 1 minute. Orange dye has completely disappeared, but the brown iron-gall is fully visible, and readable!

Ink review - Pharmacist's Oriens-Occidens iron gall ink

A wonderful ink, with all the properties I like in iron gall inks, but in a new and nice color. Great work, Pharmacist!

Review posted on Fountain Pen Network


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