A match made in Heaven : Diamine Apple Glory ink and Safari Apple Green pen

Last week I received a long awaited parcel from cultpens.com. Inside, a green festival : a Lamy Safari Apple Green and a bottle of Diamine Apple Glory. These two are made to be together, a match made in Heaven for anybody who loves bright green colours.

The pen is a M nib, and as most Safari, it writes wonderfully. Wet poen, no skipping, always ready to write, it glides on paper without effort, leaving behind a lusty trail of ink. The colour of this 2012 LE is a bright, happy, joyful green, and I really like it a lot, my favorite Safari color.

And what about the ink? The perfect match for the pen, Diamine Apple Glory is a vibrant light green, almost the same colour than the pen. I really love it!

Ink review - Diamine Apple Glory>

Review posted on Fountain Pen Network

Another nib customisation : from F to 1.1 mm Italic nib

Once again, I've pen a cheap (but surprisingly nice) Waterman Kultur with a fine nib and I've ground the nib to transform it in an italic nib, some intermediate 1.1 mm italic.

At FPN somebody pointed that my nib won't last as long as an everyday pen, since all the tipping has been removed. Well, it's a steel nib, and the Waterman Kultur is a cheap pen, so I guess that even if it wears quicker than another pen, it won't be a real problem, I don't hope that this Kultur will remain with me for twenty years. Besides, if I recall correctly, most italic and stub nibs aren't even tipped. Are Lamy 1.5 or 1.9 stub nibs tipped ?

I have only cheap italic pens (i.e. Pilot Plumix et Lamy Safari), and I think they are normal steel nibs, untipped. I look at my Lamy and they don't seam to have any tipping, do they ? But I can be wrong. Anyways, I've used them for years, and I see no wear. But when I compare them with my newly ground Waterman, I find my Waterman crisper, so maybe my Plumix and Lamy are indeed worn...

I guess that the worst thing it can happen is that my italic will become less "crisp" over time. And then, I will regrind it to a crisp 1.3 mm, and latter to 1.5 mm ...

Another nib grinding - 1.1mm Italic

As last time, here you can see the details of the now italic nib. I'm rather happy with the result, but now my next challenge is to get a stub nib instead of an italic one...

Another nib grinding - 1.1mm Italic

So stub is the next one. Maybe I should buy some sheets of Micromesh and stop using an old grinding stone...

Pharmacist's iron gall ink

My first review here...

Pharmacist is a member of Fountain Pen Network, the biggest (and best) fountain pen forum in the net. And he makes his own ink, a wonderful old style iron gall ink.

Two weeks ago, I received a parcel from Belgium. Inside, two bottles of Pharmacist's iron gall ink. Since then, I've been using it as my main daily ink in my Parker Frontier.

Pharmacist's ink is truly superb, a true blue-blac waterproof ink faithful to the spirit of old iron gall inks, but fountain pen friendly. It's very close to be my Grail ink, so I told myself it deserved a review. And here you have it !

Ink Review - Pharmacist's iron gall ink

The power of Iron Gall : This text has been placed in water for one minute, and this drawing too :

Ink Review - Pharmacist's iron gall ink

My first pen customization : from F to 0.9 mm Italic nib

Since I joined FPN last year, and I saw some of the wonderfully grounded nibs, I had intended to begin to customize FP nibs, but I never found the right moment. However, I read most of the information on nib grinding you can find in the net.

Today, I was playing with one of my Waterman Kultur and I decided that it was a nice candidate for a grinding job. As all my Kultur, it had a F nib and, while it writes very well, I prefer broader nibs. So I told myself that I was going to try to transform it in an italic nib, some intermediate 0.9 mm italic.

So I took my grinding stone, and tried to apply all the info I had collected. And after some time and lots of grinding-testing-regrinding-retesting iterations, I finally obtained a nice 0.9 mm italic nib, crisp but not scratchy at all, with a nice line variation.

Here you can see the result :

My first grinding : from F to 0.9 Italic

And here you can see the details of the now italic nib. I'm very happy with the result, for a first one...

My first grinding : from F to 0.9 Italic

So, what do you think? Any advise, critic or comment is welcome...